Any company can say “We are amazing” and “We offer – ALL OF THIS”, but we are proud that many of our students are also saying the same things we are. We did a little research on what our students like about CampusKey, here is what came out:

Andre’, a 3rd year CampusKey resident says: “I enjoy the privacy and security of CampusKey. The rooms are also super modern, which is cool.” “I really like being able to go play soccer in the park and pool in the common room with my mates. It’s a welcome relief to study stress.”

Each CampusKey building has a clubhouse which is fitted with a TV, lounge suite, kitchen, braai area and entertainment games. The whole goal of CampusKey at the moment is to lift a student up, enhance their lifestyle to make it possible for them to reach their ultimate goals in life. We want them to feel safe and fired up about life at CampusKey. Tarryn, a 2nd year student says: “I love the family bond of the students and getting to know a lot of people.”
Morgane had something similar to say: “The highlights of living at CampusKey is living close to people but still being in a private environment. It has a similar environment to res, but without the restrictions.”

Merce’ says she likes the “good vibes” of CampusKey. She enjoys gymning, having a “braaitjie” and having her friends over to chill and watch a movie. Her favorite memories at CampusKey includes having her birthday at the clubhouse and the CampusKey team members beating the students at beer pong. (Trust us, it wasn’t that fun the next morning. Totally worth it though! #personalizedmanagement #ourteam).

Whatever your vibe may be, CampusKey can offer everything you will need to prepare you for the future and help you in any way we possibly can.