CampusKey, the leading provider of secure student accommodation, has launched its brand new #Community to enable their 3 200 plus students countrywide to connect with one another and at the same time, improve their CampusKey and student life experience.
Says Managing Director, Leon Howell: “Our goal with CampusKey #Community is to create a collaborative, vibrant student community at each CampusKey building and campus, as well as nationwide. The #Community strategy has four pillars of which the first is to connect people.” According to Howell, life is all about relationships, contacts and connections. “We want to increase students’ experience and accountability as well as improve respect and consideration for fellow students and their belongings. We’d like to create a cohesive community with values where unknown faces turn into friends.”

Howell continues that CampusKey students can create an intangible X-factor that sets them apart, the second pillar. “Thirdly, students can now create their own experience – the power is in their hands. This new initiative will also strengthen the brand, the fourth pillar. The CampusKey team will receive better feedback to improve students’ experience and ultimately reach our overall goal of happy and connected students.”

Student Community manager, Nelrie van Wyk adds that students will be able to connect via Facebook groups on each campus. “These groups will reflect the brand’s look and feel, which is both trendy and vibrant. It will also be very user-friendly and accessible.”

According to Van Wyk, the Facebook groups will enable students to engage with one another and the management team regarding events, house rules, maintenance, mentoring, tutoring, and more. “Connectors and the community team will actively manage the student experience and build our community. They will have their ears on the ground, make connections as well as personal introductions. Furthermore, they will organise events, communicate CampusKey’s values and keep the #Community ball rolling. We believe that events make it easier for students to find connections and give them a reason to use the communal areas.”

Students can connect via profiles, messaging, groups, notifications and events. They will also have easy access to the community leaders and mentors as well as be able to give feedback and innovative ideas to campus management. Settling in and finding their way around will be at their fingertips with the student and city guides, building guides, house rules and community values.

Howell firmly believes that shared community values create a better environment for students to live, learn, connect and play in. “Being part of the #Community makes it easy to be in the loop, meet new people, take part in events, ask for study advice or simply invite others to join you for a run or pool game. Involvement creates a sense of belonging, ownership and togetherness. We want our students to enjoy their time at university or college, focus on their studies and become part of an amazing community through social encounters and sport. It’s your home away from home.”

Campuskey has a national footprint with student accommodation located in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Pretoria and Stellenbosch. Campuskey is currently developing additional beds at Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein, which will be ready for occupation in January 2018 with further construction to start in Pretoria later in the year for occupation in January 2019.