Moving from home can be a very exciting new adventure, it is the first step you take in becoming an independent human-being. What makes CampusKey so amazing is that we supply our students with all the basics. A luxury ¾ bed with storage space underneath, a desk and chair as well as a 2 door cupboard.

Depending on the room you have selected, you might have an en-suite bathroom and your own kitchen, otherwise a shared bathroom and kitchen. Whatever the case may be, all the bathrooms are fitted with a shower and toilet and all kitchens have a kettle and snappy-chef induction stove.

So what will you need to move in?

For the Bedroom:
¾ Bedding & Waterproof mattress cover (compulsory)
2 Storage boxes for under the bed
Stationery & holders/boxes
Small refuse bin
Desk Lamp
Pins for your pinboard

For the Bathroom:
Toilet paper
Towels (Hand/Sweat/Drying)
Small refuse bin
Shower rug

For the Kitchen:
Cutlery and Crockery
Glasses and mugs
Induction pots and pans
Dustbin and refuse bags
Cleaning Supplies
Washing-up liquid
Drying cloths
Magnets for your fridge

When you get to CampusKey you will be checked-in after which you will receive a whole lot of informative guides and register for WiFi and then be taken to your room. At your room, your fingerprint will be taken so that you can access your room and then voila! You are now a CampusKey resident.

The task of unpacking is the best part of the whole thing. Making your room your own and really owning your own style for the first time out of the house. We suggest you attend the welcoming braai held at the beginning of each year for all the new students, just to check out the local talent and maybe make a friend or two.

Welcome to CampsuKey!