To help you get the most out of studying, CampusKey has set up the best environment for you to achieve you goals. Not just your test goals, but life goals!

Having a peaceful environment to study in, friends that can forms study groups and having the correct method of studying will make all the difference once you sit down behind that life-changing questionnaire.

CampusKey is the perfect place to study with everything you need at your fingertips. The campuses even have study rooms if you want to collaborate with some friends who are also finding their room too lonely. Whatever the case may be. You can’t go wrong with choosing CampusKey.

Here are some tips for getting your best results:

Make sure you are comfortable, but not too comfortable.This means that you should be comfortable enough that your mind is able to concentrate, but not too comfortable for you to fall asleep (We’ve all been there!). The ideal place to study is the area we have purposely built in your room, your study corner.
The area where you study must be quiet. This is why we have the no noise after 10 pm house rule!
Avoid distractions. There are many potential distractions around you, food, TV, facebook and instagram. Turn off your phone and the TV. We know that when you sit down to study, everything except the work will begin to look more interesting, and you will start thinking about all the things you still have to do that day.
If you are a better learner in a group environment, set up a study session on your community facebook group or make a poster and pin it up in the communal area. Make a time and date for when it would suit you and get those minds working!

CampusKey was built on the foundation of bettering your life in every aspect! Now it is up to you to put these tools to use.

CampusKey Study Tips