Student Accommodation – WHY CAMPUSKEY?

CampusKey places a big emphasis on what to offer young budding minds beginning their journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

When looking at what makes a student successful, one has to look further than grades, you have to look at balance. Balance is what makes a life worth living after all, being able to work hard, play hard and still look after your well-being, all the while making it look easy. But why choose CampusKey for your student accommodation? They could just get a flat in town. Yes, they could, but would they find themselves being lonely or unmotivated? Eating poorly and doing no exercise? Imagine being able to study or exercise in a group of peers where they drive each other to do better in every aspect of life! Now that’s the key to becoming better, learning and growing into a great individual.

Getting out from under a mother hen’s warm embrace is difficult, but also fun and exciting, so why not start this new chapter of life in a place where you get all the necessities hassle free? We offer great location, a vibrant student community with weekly events, a room that is practically fitted with everything you would need, a gym and so much more!

The student accommodation we offer ensures that your student life can be the best years of your life, you will meet new friends, have the serenity to study, feel safe, get fit or stay fit and maybe learn how to cook more than eggs and toast!

We value individuals in CampusKey and want every student to become the best version of themselves and we believe we give them the tools! We believe our students can learn from each other and grow into a team of young individuals who can make life work for them and not the other way around.

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