Catch Up with Eva: 2017 Accommodation Winner

Last year we ran a huge competition giving one lucky student the chance to win their accommodation for 2017! We recently sat down with the winner – Eva Presence – to find out how her year at CampusKey has been.

Win Accommodation Winner Eva Presence CampusKey

Q: What is your name?
A: Eva Presence Liang

Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 19 years old

Q: Where do you study?
A: University of Cape Town

Q: What are you studying?
A: Bsc Engineering in Mechatronics

Q: What made you go into the Engineering field?
A: Obviously, the lack of women in Engineering is a big factor, and I have a great passion for science. I would also like to make the world a better place by building stuff like robots. Robotics is the future and there are such amazing things the human mind can create using the correct technology.

Q: How did you feel when you found out that you won accommodation for a whole year?
A: I was very, very excited and astonished. At first, I thought it was a joke! I kept saying what? Are you sure it’s me? Jessica from Head Office said yes, we are sure it’s you and you definitely are the winner. They then set up a meeting with me so that I could see my room and I also get a tour of the building and its facilities.

Q: How was it living at CampusKey?
A: It was very different. I’ve lived at home all my life and the independence was totally new to me. Learning to cook for yourself, cleaning up and waking up in the morning with no mom to cook breakfast, nobody there to do everything for you.

Q: What do you feel makes CampusKey so unique?
A: In that, you are living with so many like-minded students. You all come here together, from all around the world and all over South Africa, with the common goal of making your university experience a success. I have met amazing people here and it’s been great having students that study the same as I do – you can go to each other for advice. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Q: Have you made any friends?
A: Yes, I did make new friends. During Orientation week on campus, I didn’t know anybody and made friends in that week. Quite a few of the students in my faculty also stayed at CampusKey!

Q: Why would you recommend CampusKey?
A: I think it’s a perfect balance between social life and academics.  Everyone is busy with their own studies, but we’re exposed to so much. The facilities here are better as well the privacy. We have a gym which allows for students to get a great balance and keep fit and burn the edge if campus gets stressful. I have made the most use of the study room. We have the advantage that we don’t have to stay late at the university’s library as we have the facilities here. The fact that we are so close to campus and situated in the hub of Rosebank makes it so convenient to go anywhere and to shop as well. Everything is within walking distance, which is great exercise.

Q: Did you use the gym facilities?
A: (Giggling) I tried too, but that didn’t go so well because I got lazy. I made use of the study room and common room a lot. If my friends and I went out for the night, we would always socialise and have pre-drinks and chat.

Q: How was the staff at CampusKey?
A: Very friendly. The first day I got here I was very flustered and nervous. Everyone helped me so much that day and I felt so at ease – they even carried my luggage. In general, the staff have been wonderful and a helping hand.

Q: What will you miss the most at CampusKey?
A: Probably the freedom. The freedom of coming and going as I wanted to. I’m also going to miss the people a lot.

Q: What makes CampusKey different?
A: From speaking to my friends that stayed in res, they complained about that you get fined for ridiculous things, also that the noise levels are beyond control, which is disturbing to the next student. The showers as well are not very hygienic. CampusKey is just better. When my friends come they are always amazed at how pretty it is. The privacy is much better here as well.

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